The final of the 3 ideas from Mullenlowe & production house Shootworksasia, revolves around current Country Director of Global Schools Leaders Malaysia, Cheryl Ann Fernando.  She even has a movie made about her successes called ‘Adiwiraku’.  She turned the students in a rural school around by giving her all, & they emerged champions for the 1sttime – after multiple failures – in a choral speaking competition.  Truly an inspiring story to tell.  Using similar but different photo treatments & the only existing choral speaking video competition available, we did our best to match back the school location & to reenact more touching moments between teacher & students.  Her input was invaluable which made it all the more believable.  SLAY & HOPE were both shot together in 1 day with nearby locations for logistics purposes.  Ng worked on the & the rest of post-production was completed at Meccanica Efx, with the same camera team from Loh & the Sony FS7 camera.