MALAYSIA AIRLINES ‘Neighbour Free Seats’

A series of short & creative ads that depict unique USPs of Malaysia Airlines Berhad. For most of them, agency Reprise wanted to have a bit of the Zach King influence, using camera & post-production trickery to sell what would normally seem pretty mundane & straightforward. Thus Shootworksasia & myself enhanced the initial ideas & pushed the envelope a little, & with Meccanica Efx completing the Online, we delivered some very cool visuals.
This board was another technically challenging 1-take shot, where there’s a camera move that pans with a perspective change, that then has to hold steady while the passengers on the left & right stay perfectly still, & then leave their seats without obstructing our main talent in the middle, & then our main talent has to perform the folding actions to nothing & flipping down of headrest covers in one go. Definitely an unexpected effect that has 2 Zach King inspired moves. Shot by DOP Sean Loh with the Sony FS7 on a dolly.