TESCO MERDEKA ‘Heart of Gold’

I have not come across a more sincere & thankful lady, who does not look her age.  Aunty Mildred, a kind soul, always smiling & spreading cheer to people around her.  With completely no acting experience whatsoever, she portrayed her genuine self & all we had to do was capture that on camera.  Compared to the other board, this required a lot of traveling time, to Penang & back in 1 day.  Luckily, we only had her real home & Tesco Penang to shoot in.  Working with Shootworksasia, agency Mullenlowe & Tesco, we ended up with a very honest & real film, not a typically scripted ad, & to me, that is sometimes what we need.  Something that grounds us.  Something that humbles our very existence.  Shot with the Sony FS7 with myself as camera operator.  Complete post-production was done by freelancer Hafiz.