This was a humbling shoot.  Raw, real, guerilla style through & through. Agency Mullenlowe came up with the idea together with Tesco Malaysia, to produce something for Merdeka that would pay tribute to their employees.  But these were no ordinary employees, they’ve gone through some pretty tough times; & we wanted to highlight some of the facts, because now, they’re leading a more stable life.  For this board, Shootworksasia & myself shot in KL & PJ, from early in the morning to the night, riding buses, MRTs, walking the KL streets along Pasar Karat, tunnels, etc.  We even reenacted some ‘policing’ scenes which was fun to shoot.  Our talent responded really well to direction & that made our job a bit easier.  Shot with the Sony FS7 with myself as camera operator.  Complete post-production was done by freelancer Hafiz.