A series of short & creative ads that depict unique USPs of Malaysia Airlines Berhad. For most of them, agency Reprise wanted to have a bit of the Zach King influence, using camera & post-production trickery to sell what would normally seem pretty mundane & straightforward. Thus Shootworksasia & myself enhanced the initial ideas & pushed the envelope a little, & with Meccanica Efx completing the Online, we delivered some very cool visuals.
Borrowing an idea from the Old Spice Ads, we wanted to show how simple it is to buy a product from the catalogue, it’s like you’re actually there. So, the challenge was to get as close to a matching shot as possible between the actual store shoot & the plane interior shoot. Unfortunately, our Cabin Crew’s outfit deferred on both days, so we couldn’t get a 100% matching pattern once the color dissolved back in, so that throws the viewers eyes off slightly, but overall, the creation of this moving ‘wall’ still image upwards lends to sell the whole creative idea. Shot by DOP Sean Loh with the Sony FS7 on a dolly.