MALAYSIA AIRLINES ‘Last Minute Upgrade’

A series of short & creative ads that depict unique USPs of Malaysia Airlines Berhad. For most of them, agency Reprise wanted to have a bit of the Zach King influence, using camera & post-production trickery to sell what would normally seem pretty mundane & straightforward. Thus Shootworksasia & myself enhanced the initial ideas & pushed the envelope a little, & with Meccanica Efx completing the Online, we delivered some very cool visuals.
Surprisingly, this was one of the easier ideas to execute in terms of shooting it. Once we had the camera on a dolly, the only challenging part was having our talent contort his body as much as possible to ‘look’ like he was trying to go through the screen. Then we continued the 2nd half of the shot at Business Class with an add on of a jacket. With the help of 1st AD Shane, we had him again appear to stretch out of the screen onto the seat. In Post-Production, we then extended parts of his body & the screens to make it appear like he’s magically coming out of the screen. Shot by DOP Sean Loh with the Sony FS7 on a dolly.