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Curriculum Vitae

Name            :  Ng Mun Shen

Telephone   : +6012-387 0009

Date of Birth  : 03/11/76

Nationality  : Malaysian

Working History :

  • 1999 Graduated with Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.
  • 2000 – 2003 Worked at Le’eon Films. Started career as Art Director and worked his way up to Assistant Director.
  • 2003 – 2006 Worked at Pegasus Films as Assistant Director to numerous directors such as Basil Schlegel, Lorenzo Bassano, Nico Bayer, Jo Hasham, Eva Munz, Seo Jeong Wan and many more. Directed his first commercial for Honda WWF Save the Rhino.
  • 2006 – 2009 Joined Justin Woon at Str8 Films/Twisted where he really learned the tricks of the trade as an more polished 1st Assistant Director to Co-Director and finally a full fledged Film Director.
  • 2009 – Present Began freelancing as a film director, working in Jakarta, Vietnam and Malaysia. Helmed many commercials for Gowardhan (GO Milk India), Nickeloden (Singapore), NOOR (Middle East), Stingpro (Vietnam), Kraft, Sharp (Indonesia), Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Darlie, Huawei, Tourism Malaysia, Nando’s, McDonald’s, Lays x KFC, Dutch Lady, Domino’s, Texas Chicken, Carlsberg (Malaysia).



*MARKies 2023 BRONZE Winner for Most Creative – Digital :

          LAYS X KFC ‘Gotta Get ‘Em!’

*MARKies 2022 GOLD Winner for Most Creative – Digital + Launch/Relaunch :

          Magnum X Money Heist ‘The Sweet Goodbye’ 

*2020 A+M MARKies Silver (Most Effective Use – Loyalty/CRM) :

          Nutox ‘Happy Hero’

*YouTube Malaysia Ad Awards 2019 – Best Breakthrough Advertiser :

          ALICAFE & ALITEA WARUNG ‘Macam Dolu-Dolu’


Ng Mun Shen, Film Director.

Mun Shen hasn’t always wanted to be a film maker. Actually, he wanted to go into Advertising, to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, before long, he was enthralled by the thought of creating commercials once he watched the big multi-million dollar ads that would be telecast during the Superbowl. This sparked an interest in possibly creating beautiful visuals for a large audience to admire and ponder over. His passion for block buster Hollywood movies, is what drives him, understanding the ins and outs of production, framing, lighting and creating something out of nothing.


He started out as an Art Director in a local production house, learning the ropes through a senior Art Director in the company. Eventually, he was promoted to be a 1st Assistant Director. The various directors he has worked with include notable names like Basil Schlegel (Germany), Lorenzo Bassano (Italy), Nico Bayer (France), Jo Hasham (Australia), Eva Munz (Germany), Seo Jeong Wan (South Korea) and Justin Woon (Malaysia).


In 2005, he was offered to shoot his first small budget commercial for the Honda WWF Save the Rhino campaign under Pegasus Films. Not long after, the local artiste Ferhad approached him to direct his new music video for a ballad. It was well received. He was then headhunted by film director Justin Woon & has not looked back since.


Justin Woon paved the way to an enriching commercial experience, fully allowing him to grow to what he has become today. Having access to 3D animation and post-production at Twisted Media, his knowledge as an all-rounded film maker grew tremendously. Encouraged by Justin to be more versatile, he operates the camera himself for most of his jobs, saying there’s nothing more personal as the close feeling you get when it’s just the camera between you and your subjects. Everything else just falls into place.


As of 2009, Mun Shen has gone on to direct commercials in Paris & UK, but mostly in Malaysia for local and international brands like Nando’s, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Burger King, Dutch Lady, Lays x KFC, Magnolia, Kraft Cheese , GO Milk for India, Nissan, Toyota, Huawei, Samsung, MAS Airlines, Maggi, Carlsberg and Tourism Malaysia.


Not wanting to pigeonhole himself, he dabbles in various genres. Of course, he does have his favorites. “I enjoy working on food & automotive spots. And lifestyle spots. And beauty spots. Hahaha. And also anything with energy, meaning action-oriented spots where we get to be really creative in moving the camera & trying out interesting rigs to get the best out of angles. Almost all my spots have some kind of movement & is never static. This adds a level of kinetic involvement from the audience. Take the Nando’s PERi-PERi food porn ad for instance, the Agency & Clients were very open to trying out something new & fresh in the local market. This allowed my creativity to go wild. We employed various camera rigs to create more exciting visuals, setting it apart from the norm. And we didn’t even have a Phantom camera (laughs). But it’s never just one person, it’s always teamwork; the people you surround yourself with that help to create one unique vision that satisfies the clients requirements and more.”


It has truly been a very rewarding experience for Mun Shen thus far – having won an unexpected “YouTube Malaysia Ad Awards 2019 – Best Breakthrough Advertiser” for a TVC shot for his client Power Root. With his his easy-going attitude and eye for beautiful visuals, he continues to push the boundaries & keep things current, as the world & audience have evolved tremendously over the years, & we need to gain & then hold their attention for just that much longer. As a wise mentor once said, ‘We’re only as good as our last job’… something Mun Shen takes into stride. #behumble #behungry