GLO ‘Top Speed Mum’

Fun, straight-to-the-point idea, with the addition of ‘X-Men-like’ speed effects, from the minds of agency VMLY&R & clients Colgate Palmolive. Working with Optinovus Films, we crafted a story that showed the efficacy of Glo combined with a warm, family story, all within a 20sec spot. The pressure was definitely on, as this concept underwent major research & came up incredibly high in terms of its results. Shooting with a first-time child actor is by no means an easy feat, but we managed to bring out his best through much encouragement & perseverance lol. The other challenge we had was in portraying the dish-washing scene, how many dishes, to use the speed-GLO-colored lines or not, the number of times she would move in & out, etc. Shooting that scene took quite a while, as we had plates of her cleaning at least 40 dishes 3-times over! Mum was the MVP of the day, hands-down. Shot by Nick Lee as DP, with the Arri Alexa Mini, with post-production at Meccanica Efx & Ng as editor.