F&B67 Videos

DOMINO’S ‘Project Senses’

This board, from the minds of Agency FCB, was/is the most different ad for a local pizza brand.  Modern, fun & most importantly, deliciously-looking visually, we, together with production house KDCo, came up with creative transitions & immersive social media-like graphics to keep up with the times & yet maintain the appetite appeal of the […]

JOLLIBEE ‘Spicy Chicken Sandwich’

I had much fun with this. Considered my 1st full on Burger shoot – this was a passion project that fell on my lap after some complications.  Reservoir World needed a table top director to shoot specific food porn shots for this big spicy launch for Jollibee worldwide, under Agency Fishermen Integrated.  So, we came […]

DOMINO’S ‘Bulgogi Cheese Baked Rice/Pasta’

This 2nd board had to have different food porn shots, so that was definitely a challenge.  Prioritizing the important steps to showcase was crucial, as we didn’t have so much time to shoot & to show everything in the edit.  With a general concept from FCB together with KDCo, we embarked on this journey together.  […]

DOMINO’S ‘Ssamjeang Pizza’ 2.0

It’s always a great feeling when Clients approach you again to shoot more good stuff for them.  The trust is something I will always appreciate & never take for granted, as you’re only as good as your last job.  So, we needed to make things more interesting this round, while focusing on the food porn […]

SPRITZER ‘Project Icon’

Boards like these are rare & few, allowing us to experience ‘nature’ in a different manner, to shoot something so calming & natural, even if we had to mock up the mini jungle with rented plants (by Art Dir Jay) to create a ‘natural looking rainforest’.  From the minds of Agency FCB & clients Sprtizer […]

CORNTOZ ‘The Journey’

The brief directly from the Mamee Clients was to create awareness for this little known pink horse called Pinko whilst making the food shots look good.  Thus, I set out, together with Lightflux Productions, to create a quirky, weird, wild, wacky yet visually exciting spot that marries both a 2D animated horse with 2D environments […]

LAY’S x KFC ‘Gotta Get ‘Em’

Ah, a part of my bucketlist achieved:  Shooting for KFC, although technically it’s not a full-on KFC ad, but more a Lay’s ad that has KFC chicken & seasoning in a KFC outlet.  With an idea from Agency Entropia, & Clients PepsiCo, PH Lightflux & myself immersed ourselves in this shoot wholeheartedly.  And boy, was […]


This job all but seemed impossible. While the story from Ag Ogilvy Philippines seemed pretty straightforward, shooting it was anything but.  I worked under Passion Plus as production support under Media Monks in Malaysia, & we were tasked with shooting 5 short boards in 1 day.  Initially there were more boards, but because of limitations, […]

CARLSBERG ‘East Malaysia Harvest’

An interesting project marrying both a live-action shoot with 2d/3d CGI icons of flora & fauna from specifically designed EM Harvest Festival cans.  From the creative minds of Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg together with PH Gary Chong Studios, we shot this spot in one day at the Long House resort out in Semenyih.  […]

CONNOR’S ‘The Perfect Glass’

One of 3 new spots for Connor’s with the general idea from Agency Grey Malaysia, & clients Carlsberg & PH Motionrom.  Always trying to get some nice different angles to create something rarely seen before… that’s what I always strive to achieve.  I believe we managed to do that in this spot.  With a 45° […]