Big. Bold.  Oozing pressure.  But we pulled it off.  From a creative idea under Grey Malaysia & production Optinovus Film, we went through several iterations and finally settled on this.  My original intent was to create a complete one take commercial from beginning to end.  However, this became highly improbable, as we had time limitations for the final output duration, & had to cut away to products, etc.  But we went ahead to build a full almost 2story liveable house set – except for running water, electricity & a roof – so our talent would have a better feel of his surroundings.  Featuring 3 enclosed rooms, a living room & garden in the center, we had to build them to allow for our lighting & equipment to move around freely.  Nick Lee, DOP supervised the building of the sets by Art Director Tool over 5 days, where the entrance had to lead directly out to the ‘porch’ and parked car.  Each room had its own life, characterizing each person in the household, but we didn’t want it to be so expected, hence we exaggerated each one as much as we could, going all out in terms of design, look & feel.  Casting was of utmost importance here, as our dad would be the one who carries the entire story through, with his voice & empathy.  Plus, he had to be able to speak 2 languages fluently.  Not as easy as one would think.  After looking high & low, we found our dad, in the form of a voice over/actor Adi Afendi.  With his commanding voice & down to earth nature, he was a pure trooper, as we went through the paces from morning to night, in both languages, over 3 days.  The wardrobe was another interesting addition to this spot, fitting our talent in regular clothes, then transforming in to PUBG, a makeup/hairstylist, a Korean Emperor, a homely dad in a robe & finally back to smart casual dad.  Postfellas would create the seamless transition effects that we wanted between each wardrobe change.  Because we shot in a studio, the outdoors where the car scene was, looked like it was part of a studio, slightly messy, not really like a housing neighborhood.  We decided to add a large printed backdrop of houses behind the car to create the illusion of it being into a real housing area.  Shot using the Arri Alexa Mini with the Ronin, handled by Danny Lala & his crew.  Edited by Ng.  Color Graded by Setyo.