VIVO X50 ‘A Fashion Impression with Raisa Azzam’

This was a very guerilla-style shoot, fast-paced & non-stop.  Based on a rough script from agency VMLY&R, & working with production house Shootworksasia, we shot 2 boards over 2 days.  Raisa, a great, humble fashion photographer was a pleasure to work with.  We acquired 2 models who performed just like professionals, & the exterior of a studio with many different areas to create the overall look that we wanted, which was modern, edgy yet high-fashion. The 2nd location that would stand in for the night scenes, was at a restaurant/bar that provided great backdrops that would further enhance the sophisticated look of the film.  The most challenging part was to cover both locations within the allocated time as we only really had budget for so much time lol.  Shot using the Sony A7iii (sometimes 2) and myself as camera operator.  Color-grading by freelance grader Nicole, & the rest of post-production completed in-house at SWA.