This was initially a straightforward concept, very simple & direct.  But clients wanted it to be more than that, thus, Dancing QR Man was born.  Working with Grey Malaysia once more & Optinovus Films has been great.  With freedom to work on more daring dance moves, rarely seen on local TV, we enlisted the help of professional breakdancer/hip-hopper Mark – who also helped to choreograph the dance scenes on a couple of other dance spots I’ve worked on – who himself, became the hero dancer.  However, this wasn’t as simple, because Mark had to dance while wearing the QR Code box over his head, in complete darkness.  We couldn’t afford the time – no budget – to digitally replace the QR code artwork over the existing one, mainly because of his dynamic dance moves.  Tracking would’ve been a nightmare.  Thus, after quite a few takes, we managed to piece together parts of the dance, making it interesting for the audience to actually try & catch the QR Code onscreen.  There are at least 2 parts throughout the sequence where we are able to do so.  It was definitely fun to shoot a precise & exciting dance style that allowed us to also apply some creative angles.  Of course, this is the Director’s Cut, with the full dance as it was originally intended to be.  The Client cut has more split-screens that are interesting & serve the clients intention in its own way, showcasing more dance but in smaller screens.  Shot in a studio with Nick Lee as DOP, using the Canon C200 & a GoPro Hero 8, with color grader Setyo, myself as editor, & the rest of post-production at Post Fellas (Online Lance & Ken, Motion GFX Nikki).