A series of short & creative ads that depict unique USPs of Malaysia Airlines Berhad. For most of them, agency Reprise wanted to have a bit of the Zach King influence, using camera & post-production trickery to sell what would normally seem pretty mundane & straightforward. Thus Shootworksasia & myself enhanced the initial ideas & pushed the envelope a little, & with Meccanica Efx completing the Online, we delivered some very cool visuals.
The planning for Car Rental was intricate & challenging, as we wanted it to appear all in 1 shot. We did a test shoot with rough effects, & that helped us in preparing further during the actual shoot. What we didn’t anticipate, was that the KLIA arrival area provided had natural sunlight that kept moving. Hence obscuring our scene with heavy shadows. We needed to reset the car position each time, when the sunlight moved, etc. This was truly a team effort, with the art team having to drop in the actual toy car onto our talents hand, & then having to line up the talents hand position directly to the moving camera & for him to throw the toy car in the right position. Needless to say, we needed many takes to achieve this one shot, with the real life-size car eventually driving into the exact same spot each time for our talent to interact with. When we finally got it, it looked amazing. Of course, we needed to replace some of the backgrounds with empty plates & such, but it’s as seamless as can be. Shot by DOP Sean Loh with the Panasonic GH5 on a Ronin S.