TM Unifi ‘Convergence’

A very technical idea from Agency Grey Malaysia, that we managed to realize in a seamless fashion, incorporating some interesting angles & storylines that link & give meaning to each scene. Working with Optinovus Films, we found earlier on that we needed a large house that would enable us to film in different settings but in the end, everyone converges in the living room & sits on the sofa that becomes one.  That end scene required a bit more work in terms of shooting it with curved tracks & precise dolly movements, matched on set with Q-take.  All our talents were top notch & performed flawlessly, easing our burdens so we could focus on each camera setup.  We even rented a public bus & drove around the housing area to get the 2 main shots that we needed.  Shot with DOP Nick Lee using the Canon C70, edited by Daz. Post production, handled by Postfellas who completed the magic, led by freelance Online Artist Steven & Color graded by Setyo.