MAB Firefly ‘Introducing a Better Way to Fly with Firefly’

The most fun I’ve had shooting greenscreen.  Seriously.  We all know shooting chroma key stuff can be incredibly boring, but this was just the opposite.  With an initial idea from Clients of simple green screen compositing shots, I, together with Production House Shootworksasia wanted it to be more exciting & interactive.  Hence, the end product that you see.  The Firefly brand itself is meant to be fun & vibrant, so why not push it as far as we could go, within the budget limitations of course.  Thankfully, we had confirmed footages as backgrounds – and QTAKE –  that helped us with our main Cabin Crew’s interaction with the ‘environment’.  The best part of the filming this entire spot was basically ‘up on Mount KK’ & also the white water rafting scene where we got to splash our talent with real water, over & over.  She was a real trooper.  The most challenging part was the long dialogue that she had to memorize at times, & this just delayed our timing quite a bit, as a slight fumble required us to repeat the take.  Shot in the AFE Studio with Loh as DP, using the Sony FS7 (shooting at 4k resolution throughout).  Edited by Ng, color-graded by freelance grader Setyo,  & the rest of post-production completed at Postfellas.