MR POTATO ‘Neymar’

This was a first for me: Handling just the post-production for a job shot in the UK by a UK team.  Utilizing footages of football sensation Neymar shot against greenscreen, we gathered a team of freelancers to reedit & also to create some cool not-seen-very-often CGI environments.  Because we were limited by what Neymar’s actions were, we looked through unused rushes & wanted a very different feel to the original 2 other ads.  We wanted more energy & excitement, so the edit played a big part in bringing out the energy with faster cuts, jump cuts, close ups, bloopers but it worked perfectly in our case (the ending action) & of course, the environment needed to be fresh & exciting.  Produced by Felicia Choi, with Offline support from myself & fine tuned by Vikster, motion GFX by Alvin, CGI by Harris & Online by Azfar.  The best thing about this was that time was on our side, so we could go as fine tune & ensure everything fell into place.