CUCKOO Iris Top ‘Goood Plan’

This was an extensive post-production job that required a lot of compositing of 2D elements into a clean environment that had people as well. We had to keep the graphics simple, fast yet visually appealing because of the large amounts of info the clients wanted to depict. We played with transitions & graphic placements to make the whole spot a little more abstract. Shooting from a board from Agency 180° & clients Cuckoo, we had a quick turnaround to produce this spot from start to finish. Thankfully, the talents performed rather well, acting to virtually nothing throughout the shoot, against green screen. They did have floats covered in green cloth to create the end rotation scenes, but both of them shot separately. The eye shot, which only appears in this Director’s Cut, was an indirect play on the product name, called the Iris Top. It may seem a little out of place, but I felt that it gave the spot a bit more edge & grunge. Grading was completed at APV, while the rest of post-production was completed at RAWR Pictures, with a freelance editor.