OLIGO The Magical Exploration

It’s always fun to create a world that doesn’t exist. To let your imagination soar. With today’s technology, CGI has become so advanced that we can achieve relatively photorealistic renditions of characters & objects. And that was what really intrigued me with this concept. Oligo helps you realize your dreams if only for a short time. Shooting with a basic concept from agency Singnan & Clients Power Root, we set out to create this cool 3D hi-tech space-like world in a room. We had to shoot for the Middle East as well as Malaysia, hence we required 2 sets of talent. This was a challenge, as both boys have different sets of comprehension & expressions, but we managed to bring out the best in them, with the help of a cartoon cut out of Oli the Squirrel & descriptions of their surroundings. VHQ did the honours with their amazing CGI effects & online compositing work. Shot using the Arri Alexa with DOP Sean Loh.