VITAGEN ‘Clinically Proven’

Working with Twisted Media, Agency People n Rich together with Clients Malaysia Milk, we took a pretty straightforward idea, & made it more interactive, bringing back some ‘Minority Report’ feels.  Shot in a studio as a virtual production with LEDs (provided by Shenton Nunis), we saved lots of time traveling & instead, projected a Science Lab background – which would have been impossible to shoot at anyway – & a house background on the L-shaped LED screens.  We had some additional tables & props for foreground elements that our talents (scientist & fantastic family) could interact with to make it even more believable.  The shoot took only half a day to complete, and one of the more aspirational scenes for me, was achieving a dynamic camera move (that I’ve always wanted to do) from the microscope & out passing through the eye of our scientist & moving away from him – inspired by the movie ‘Ready Player One’ but in reverse.  DP Michael spent some time perfecting the slider rig for this using the Sony FX6 with the laowa lens, & I operated the camera for this delicate movement.  Edited by Wing, color graded by Setyo, & Onlined by Scott from Twisted Media.