F&N NUTRISOY ‘Nama Lain’

This may look like a straightforward concept – & notably so as the board went through a few iterations with Agency TBWA & clients F&N before settling on a more obvious choice, but the execution in terms of making the packs look realistic against the live-shot background was rather challenging. We had little time no room for much error, thus, we shot the background in several different angles in a studio with a mock-up set, & with a real pack for lighting reference. Then the animators built a 3D pack & composited it over the existing background, adding rays & bokeh effects to enhance the magical feeling of the spot. While there were many ‘wow’ ideas as to how to do the reveal, this peel effect was the most fluid & doable one, again, within the time allowed. The whole production including the CGI & editing was handled by Motionrom & it’s sister company, Pixarom. Compositing & additional effects & color grading were completed at Meccanica FX. This spot was shot using the Sony A7s with Nick Lee as DOP.