RHB Smart Account ‘Money Workout’

A combination of live-action footages & CGI makes this spot endearing & visually interesting, otherwise we would be left with a rather informational yet straightforward storyline. Working from a concept provided by Agency Celsius Asia & production/post house Twisted Media, the live shoot was done at 2 locations; an Interior Design firm that posed as multiple locations & the RHB branch in BSC that also stood in as the ‘shopping scene’.   But what really stands out in this spot is of course, the animated RM note. We wanted it to be lively, active & comical, ala the Energizer Battery. Achieving the final look & texture was an arduous process, as we had to first get the approval from Bank Negara, before proceeding with color coding the notes – but we could not keep to the real colors of our ringgit – etc. Keeping the note moving from scene to scene as seamlessly as possible was the intention & I believe we achieved that to an extent. The end ‘Lightning Bolt’ pose (or just plain ‘Bolting’) was suggested by a client as a shout out to the fastest man alive. After all, POTUS has done it before, so why not? This was my 1st shoot working with DOP Michael using the Sony A7S Mark II. Complete post-production provided by Twisted Media including Color Grading.