TOYOTA HEV ‘Reflections’

Easily one of the most challenging jobs I’ve encountered, from inception all the way to post-production.  In short, the end result that you see is expanded tenfold from the original Dentsu LHS concept, mainly trying to show as many different reflections on the car as possible.  Working with Shootworksasia & DP Nicholas Chin, we shot over 2 days in the outskirts & in KL city, with the Toyota Cross Hybrid & the Toyota Innova Zenix Hybrid.  Hampered by rain at night & some gloomy weather during the day, & getting the right reflections & making them look clear & realistic (especially the scene where the boy jumps into the lake creating a splash in the side body of the Cross) was particularly daunting, not to mention finding the right colors for the city scenes during color grading & the Online stage & composing a music piece that fit (we went towards  synthwave music).  But in the end, we managed to deliver a film that speaks about nature & the environment. Shot with the Red V Raptor and Motorcrane.  Edited by Vikster, & graded by JF, with Online by Zeph, Tentoseven.  Music by RecRoom.