Gintell – Hand of Good

This was definitely a challenging board in almost every aspect. The clients tasked myself & Singnan Communications to come up with some ideas that would focus on the human touch first & foremost, & after many ideas were exchanged, we settled on this Hand of Good. It hasn’t really been done before on local tv or digital, thus it would be something new & exciting. Just a week before shooting, a tragedy befell our Hong Kong celebrity Simon Yam, & thus, we had to push the shoot for a month. We had limitations during the shoot, as his injured hand didn’t allow him much freedom of movement, to touch, or hold things, but we worked around that. The shoot was an incredibly technical, with a partial set built complemented with green screens around so Simon can feel the environment he’s in, but for the giant hand, well, Simon had to imagine the size & movement based on my direction. We had a hand model that we shot the giant hands with, trying our best to match Simon’s actions, & vice versa. With complete post-production done in VHQ, the impressive CGI animation took a good 1 month to complete, after numerous revisions to perfect the realism of the spot, & also to fine tune the texture of the smaller digital hands. This was definitely one of my more ambitious ideas & executions for a shoot; fun, exciting & time-consuming. Shot using the Arri Alexa with DOP Sean Loh.