JOLLIBEE ‘Spicy Chickenjoy’

A 2nd campaign with the much-loved Jollibee but this time, we’re focused on chickens instead of burgers.  Working with Agency Fishermen Integrated once more, & under production house Graph Studios, this was a more expansive shoot that required more careful planning right from the get-go.  The idea was to have split-screens to showcase spicy & the other usps & the challenge for me, was always to try to match both screens as seamlessly as possible, to create a cohesive visual message.  So, some scenes are just merging 2 shots together, whilst another involved a determined action that causes a reaction on the other side – something rarely every done with food, at least locally – so we’re quite proud of that idea & execution (it would’ve been much nicer if we had more than 15s to work with :D).  Art department rigging was Harris, with DP Bee Ho using the Phantom Flex 4k for day 1, & the Red Raptor for Day 2.  We flew in a Thai food stylist Pon, as local ones were not available.  Shooting was a little time consuming as we needed to ensure the Chicken was the right look (as this was the 1st time it was prepared worldwide).  The post-requirements were heavy, as we had to touch up backgrounds, bases, add flames, embers, thicken the chicken in some parts, add crumbs, touch up rigs, creating memes & attractive supers, etc, all done in-house in Graph Studios.  This naturally took a lot of back & forth with Ag & Clients & we were down to crunch time.  VO talent was an American from Fiverr, & Audio & Music by Clinton from MKNK.