DOMINO’S ‘All in Sides’

The brief was to make this look delicious & appetizing.  Well, that’s what I do best 😀 . From Agency FCB’s script, we teamed up with Lightflux Productions once more & delivered several videos, but with 2 main ones – one of them being these side orders.  The main post challenge was fitting everything into a 15second ad, as we had beautiful shots that if extended, would’ve been perfect.  The Shoot challenge, as always, was shooting so many different products in 1 day.  We shot at the Domino’s Outlet in Cyberjaya, with Bob as food stylist, DPed by Bee Ho, with Harris as Art Department. Rigging wasn’t too major, but with 2 cameras; Red V Raptor for most of the highspeed shots & the Sony A7Siii for regular beauty shots, all within a tight confined space.  We also had important consumption shots that took up a bulk of the timing.  Full post by DeTouche & online by Joon, edited by Gerard & graded by Jia Seng. Food Porn SFX provided by Maveriq.