KFC ‘Bucket Kongsi’

A spot for when you’re stuck in a mad jam, hungry cos it’s break-fast time/or just dinner time, & have the KFC Bucket to fill you up!  Working with Agency VMLY&R & Lightflux Productions once more, we shot this spot at TAR U/C by blocking part of the roads, & at the Latar Highway R&R – where the bulk of the jam was filmed.  We had several of our own cars fill up the frame to simulate the jam, & were incredibly grateful that the weather was superb the entire day.  With 3 talents in a the car, consumption scenes & non-consumption scenes, this was a full day.  Ended the night with rigging Maestro Harris on a food porn shot involving some nuggets & chicken crashing into each other.  The main challenge was chasing the sunlight as we had to double shoot some of the scenes because of the aspect ratios, including the end product scene.  DPed by Bee Ho using the Red V Raptor, with Pinky as Food Stylist, Art Department Seni Lab Maliq, & edited by Daz, color graded by Jia Seng & Onlined by KC APV.