A play on the word ‘BossKu’ but in a good memorable way, Agency FCB & this time with Lightflux Productions, worked together to execute this tricky board as we had much to show, & yet needed to keep it exciting at the same time.  Hence, I added one food porn shot because that’s what I look forward too 😀 .  The opening needed to catch attention, & doing something quite different from the usual, we set the entire scenario at night, & had some ‘stunts’ where a door falls down.  This required some space & a different part of the house location where we had to build another wall facade to make it look like it was apart of the same house.  Great work from the art department led by Jay (& his team Jared & Kelvin) who also came up with the food rigs.  Our talents performed really well & needless to say, had to eat lots of pizzas.  DPed by Bee Ho, using the Red V Raptor, edited by Daz, & Onlined by DeTouche.