DOMINO’S ‘Pizza Pasta’

The brief was to make this look delicious & appetizing.  Well, that’s what I do best 😀 . From Agency FCB’s script, we teamed up with Lightflux Productions once more & delivered several videos, but with 2 main ones – one of them being this Pizza Pasta idea.  A limited time offer product that’s pretty interesting, you can now have your favorite Pizza ingredients in your pasta.  We shot at the Domino’s Outlet in Cyberjaya, with Bob as food stylist, DPed by Bee Ho, with Harris as Art Department. Rigging wasn’t too major, but with 2 cameras; Red V Raptor for most of the highspeed shots & the Sony A7Siii for regular beauty shots, all within a tight confined space, it was fast but tight.  We also had important consumption shots that took up a bulk of the timing. For this particular board, we one of the crucial shots we needed was to match the ingredients from the pizza to the pasta, which I must say, online artist from DeTouche Joon, did a marvelous job.   Edited by Gerard & graded by Jia Seng. Food Porn SFX provided by Maveriq.