KFC Spicy Nuggets

My 1st full on KFC job.  A good start.  From the brains of Agency VMLY&R & teaming up with Lightflux Productions, we set out to create some interesting visuals with dynamic camera moves to enhance the basic concept – that has a double meaning.  Five items, using more & more of our fingers as we move along those 5 items.  The latter is a subliminal message & if you catch it then great, but if you rewatch the video, you’ll see that we ensured that we were visually accurate every step of the way.  I love rigging, either food, or objects, with unique camera angles, & we always work our way around not having BOLT to assist us, but instead using other ingenious camera rigs to get the shots we want.  Shot in a 1 day in a studio with a red background & 1 talent, we used the Red V Raptor (for both normal & high speed shots – chilli burst) DPed by Bee Ho – my 1st job with him since more than 10 years ago.  Worked like a charm. Food stylist Pinky, Art dept & rigging under Harris, Edited by Daz, & post-production Grading by Jia Seng & Online by KC, APV. Music by Maveriq.