CONNOR’S x MARSHALL ‘Split-Screen’

The 3rd collaboration with Connor’s, under Motionrom & Agency Grey,  & this time they’re partnering with audio powerhouse Marshall.  So, based on the idea of utilizing split-screens to tell the stories of both worlds that move along simultaneously & culminating in one final destination, our challenge was to make it visually interesting & compelling – showing the seamless linkage between scenes and/or 2 different people in different places preparing for a night out.  Because we only had 1 long day to film all these & 3 locations to travel to during peak hours, we set up the 2 house looks in 1 studio using different corners, then moved on to Lake Gardens to shoot the so-called UK looking cobblestone roads complete with a mock-up British mail box, then to the exteriors of Marshall, & finally, the pub at The Burnin’ Pit.  The rain threatened our shoot during our traveling time between locations, but we made it all in good time back to the pub on a Friday night.  The biggest setup was aligning our end shot that seamlessly merged into one, seems easy, but getting the timings of the actions & ‘interaction’ between talents was rather tricky. But careful planning helped, & we managed to push further with this split-screen merging into 1 style more than ever – something I’m quite proud of.  DPed by Eric Yeong, we had the DJI Inspire drone for the 2 top shots, together with the Mavo 8k & anamorphic lenses. 1st AD was Jeremy, with Color Grading by Kah Seng, & full Online by Soon Foon, APV.  Music by Cuurley, Nacho Usual Collective.