KFC ‘Arabian Spice Burger’

Just purely focusing on the food porn shots, we shot 5 shots in a day.  The brief from Agency VMLY&R was to create some delicious visuals that could fit within a short duration, yet linger long enough to whet the appetite.  So we shot some ingredients that go into the making of the final burger.  This is where I excel & love to push the limits of table-top filmmaking.  Working with Art Department/Rigging Maestro Harris, we created precise rigs to handle the opening & 2nd shots, & using some dynamic camera moves with DP Bee Ho, we crafted an end product that I’m pretty proud of.  Shot using the Red V Raptor, with Pinky as Food Stylist, & edited by Daz, color graded by Jia Seng & Onlined by KC APV.