DOMINO’S ‘Project Senses’

This board, from the minds of Agency FCB, was/is the most different ad for a local pizza brand.  Modern, fun & most importantly, deliciously-looking visually, we, together with production house KDCo, came up with creative transitions & immersive social media-like graphics to keep up with the times & yet maintain the appetite appeal of the Domino’s brand.  Shot in 2 days in a home, office, gym & the Domino’s outlet for some consumption & food porn shots with 3 KOLs & non-KOLs, we had ourselves challenging excitement.  And we’ve never shown so many different pizza variants before…so this was a 1st as well! Coming out with creative angles was a priority of ours & I believe we achieved that. Shot with DP Kenz Koh using the Red Raptor & for smaller rigging setups; the Sony A7SIII, with Food Stylist Bob & art department headed by Jared.  Edited by Fai, & full post production by Meccanica EFX with online by Syafiq, motion gfx by Alvin, & grading by Jing.