F&B65 Videos

MAMEE Noodle Snack ‘BBQ’

No.3 with Clients Mamee, & a first with Agency Bonsey Jaden, together with PH Twisted Media.  The brief was to make crispy noodle snacks as visually appetizing as possible.  So, we created some food porn visuals that romanticizes the product while injecting the Mamee Monster animation in a seamless blend of a real environment & […]


McD APP ‘Takeaway’ A sequence of 4 short ads for mobile, that may look simple at first, but was thoroughly challenging to execute. Both on shoot & during post-production.  From the minds of creatives at Leo Burnett & production house PRS – my 1st project with them – we crafted final films that are seamless […]

CARNATION CNY 2022 ‘Pour Some Love’

I looked forward to this shoot. I can’t explain why, but it’s probably because I was invested in the storyline, & have always wanted to shoot a cook who’s all stressed, creating some chaos in the kitchen, with some frantic yet controlled camera movements.  And the result is something I’m quite proud of.  With the […]

PREGO ‘A World of Pastabilities’

Food, food & more food.  Just what I like.  Spending a full day shooting interesting angles to showcase different pasta variants.  From top shots, to dolly shots to low angles.  Almost anything you can think of.  From a basic idea from Agency Reprise, & working with Shootworksasia, we produced this appetizing Pasta ad for clients […]


It never gets old. Well, at least for me.  I LOVE to shoot food.  It’s my calling.  But I eat to live. Go figure.  The 3rd Food Porn ad for Nando’s & still going strong.  This time, working with Agency Fishermen Integrated & Passion Plus, we carved out a humorous yet tantalizing board that focuses […]

MAGNUM x MONEY HEIST ‘The Sweet Goodbye’

*MARKies 2022 GOLD Winner for Most Creative – Digital *MARKies 2022 GOLD Winner for Most Creative – Launch/Relaunch Well, this was truly an experience… having to shoot for such a successful TV series on Netflix with a storyline from Agency Entropia, together Magnum Ice-Cream & Lightflux Productions.  2 big clients, with 1 singular idea; to […]

MAMEE CHEF ‘Taste the Indulgence’

There are some jobs you just dive right in full of inspiration.  This was such a job from Agency FCB & production house Restless Productions (my 1st job with them).  I wanted to create beautiful yet uncommon shots for a local noodle ad & clients were more than willing to push the boundaries.  The main […]

KIMBALL ‘Kedai Mak’

From Agency Reprise & Shootworksasia, comes what could have been a very normal mundane ad.  However, we’ve made it stand out with the editing style & made cooking at home with Kimball as exciting as possible… as if you were cooking in a real gerai.  The whole tonality of spot starts off with a brighter […]


The 3rd idea for Ramyeon Chicken is a parody on the famous ‘Running Man’ game show, focusing on a pool of Ramyeon Sauce and showing a simplified how it’s made idea.  We wanted as similar props as possible, down to the blue catapult & even music of the show.  The action is further accentuated by […]


The 2nd concept for Ramyeon Chicken is a parody on the famous Korean series ‘Crash Landing On You’.  This was much fun to plan & execute, as we wanted it to be cute yet unexpected, especially when the Parachute gets snagged in the Monstera leaf which then gives the drumstick a reason to be released […]