DOMINO’S ‘Bulgogi Cheese Baked Rice/Pasta’

This 2nd board had to have different food porn shots, so that was definitely a challenge.  Prioritizing the important steps to showcase was crucial, as we didn’t have so much time to shoot & to show everything in the edit.  With a general concept from FCB together with KDCo, we embarked on this journey together.  Shot over 2 days – with talents 1 day, & food another loooooong day – we had minor rigs & as usual, cut plates & bowls & the ever important arsenal the laowa lens.  DP was Kenz Koh using the Red V Raptor, shooting normal fram rates & high speed up to 480fps at 2k resolutions.  Edited by Fai with complete post-production by Meccanica EFX with music from TwoAM.