A series of 3 spots made for Cinema, the agency BnBC wanted something that would be visually exciting to capture the attention of viewers, after all, this was going to be shown on a big screen. Hence, combining our efforts together with clients US VR Global, & Twisted Media, we produced something that’s quirky, leaving viewers wondering what’s happening at first, & only revealing the so-called twist halfway through the videos. Kids…well, what happens when you group 5 kids together of all races? They get along of course. Being hyper was a plus, & naturally, they were difficult to control at times. One of the challenges we faced, was to get the kids to react to nothing on the glass screen as the effects were to be added later in post. In the end, we persevered & managed to get the required expressions & created a fun-filled spot that kids can enjoy. We shot using the Sony FS7 with DOP Loh. Post-production was completed by Twisted Media with GFX by TribeStudios. Offline edited by Wing.