Legoland ‘Star Wars’

Teaming up with DMO Productions & 180 Degrees once more, we packed up 23 people – including talents – & flew over to Windsor, UK for 2 weeks, to shoot the existing Lego Star Wars attraction available there. 13 hours later, coupled with jetlag, we managed to accomplish the shoot within 2 days, in wonderful Summer weather – although we were indoors – & with a great UK crew. We basically shot all the sections of the attraction, from Naboo, to Tatooine, to Hoth, etc, some involving talent, & some just focusing on the Lego itself. We flew our DOP, Nick Lee & 1st Camera Assistant Kit, & the Grip & Gaffer were hired from UK. The ARRI ALEXA was rented from Art Wars, a small production house that assisted us in acquiring all the production equipment. Color Grading was handled by John from Mustang Post, & Offline & Online completed by Sean, DMO Productions.