CHEEZ WHIZ ‘Badminton’

This job all but seemed impossible. While the story from Ag Ogilvy Philippines seemed pretty straightforward, shooting it was anything but.  I worked under Passion Plus as production support under Media Monks in Malaysia, & we were tasked with shooting 5 short boards in 1 day.  Initially there were more boards, but because of limitations, we brought it down to 5 boards, but we split our team into two, with 2nd unit overseen by Aaron, EP at Passion Plus, who handled the food shots with DOP Chin.  1st unit was myself & DOP CYang shooting all the talent shots & you can just imagine shooting with 3 different 8-10 year old kids with 3 different personalities.  When they don’t want to perform, they don’t, but we had veteran AD extraordinaire Brian Francis & he did his magic.  It did take some time, but we pulled through in the end.  This particular board, our girl talent was slightly more mature, & although she could really play badminton well, she did practice at home over the weekend for this.  That’s sheer determination.  But I won’t lie, she had to play A LOT of badminton as we needed her to hit the shuttle as best as possible, & with the right determined expression.  And it was hot.  But she was a real trooper.  On top of that, she also had to eat & consume the bread in the right manner.  But in the end, it looks great!  Shot in a park nearby the house location, we used the Red Helium x 2 for both units.  Art Department Steve & food stylist Pelita & Maria.  Post production completed at Media Monks with their subsidiaries.