AH HUAT COCO ‘Ah Niu & School’

This was a fast & efficient shoot, with a very humble celebrity Ah Niu once again teaming up with the team at Power Root to represent the Ah Huat brand. But this time, to launch their newest product, the Coco Malt version, targeted at kids & mums alike. This product would be the 1st of its kind to include the ingredient ‘Prebiotics’ whereas the norm is ‘Probiotics’, hence the higher price tag. Working with Agency Singnan who doubled as the production arm under Screen Asia Networks, we shot in a chinese school during the school holidays, & brought in some Mandarin speaking kids who, to my pleasant surprise, performed exceptionally well considering they were so young. We covered many shots within the allotted shoot hours largely due to the cooperation of the weather as it was supposed to rain, but didn’t.   We shot the spot with DOP Sean Loh using the Sony FS7 & for the food demo scenes, we used the Sony RX100 Mark IV at 250 fps. Post-Production was completed at VHQ.