CARRIE JUNIOR ‘Carrieland’

A “fun animated adventure” best describes this 4th Carrie outing for me. Working with the same team; One Worldwide together with Nerve Center, we strived to deliver an exciting adventure land ala Minions or Pixar’s creative animated features. Our talent, although naughty & easily distracted, performed well as we had to shoot him suspended on wires to simulate floating within a ‘bubble’ etc. Though aftraid of heights, we made sure that he was safe at all times. Shooting was split into 2 parts, shooting at an actual interior location & lots of green screen coverage in a studio.   With 70% of the board heavily invested in CGI, RAWR Pictures produced some of the best & sleekest animation scenes & environments to enhance the overall look & feel. Nick Lee DPed with the Arri Alexa, while color grading was done at Meccanica FX.