TOYOTA Alphard 2024 ‘Quiet Luxury’

One of my proudest works… mainly attributed to its execution.  Through thick & thin, Shootworksasia, Dentsu LHS & the Clients made this a reality. From the get-go, I wanted to have the Robotic Arm to execute the dynamic shots that only a robotic arm can do.  Differentiating us from the competition.  Working with DP Nicholas Chin & his Colossus, nicknamed ‘The Arc’, we tested 3 shots as proof of concept & presented that to the Clients & they were sold.  Needing an additional pre-light & pre-viz day, as those who have worked w Robots would know, it can be EXTREMELY time consuming to map out its extremely precise movements, especially if we have the camera on the Probe lenses move about 1 inch from the pilot seat’s arm rest…And going through the steering wheel (using the Peri Probe lens)!  But this enabled us to create such beautiful motions, in & out of the car with swooping shots.  All in, about 8 Arc shots, & the rest achieved via the GFM Cranes on a Ronin Gimbal & for the end driving shot – with Nic with his Ronin on the Segway.  Shot with the Red V Raptor and Red Komodo at 8k resolution.  Edited by Ng, & graded by Nash, with GFX & full Online by Lance, Post Fellas.