TOYOTA INNOVA ZENIX ‘Elevate Every Moment’

Fun & challenging would be the best words to describe this project.  Working from a script from Agency Dentsu that evolved over time, Shootworksasia & myself collaborated for yet another Toyota spot, this time focusing on the Innova Zenix.  An updated & far superior model to its predecessor, we wanted to showcase the premium quality of the spot by infusing Jazz music, a conductor & musicians into the mix, but never compromising the airtime for the car.  To make things even more challenging, we only had 2 days to shoot this, & whilst shooting actual driving shots outdoors would be the expected thing, we decided early on that we wanted this different from the norm, to shoot against an LED background that would project ‘movement’ in the graphics & additional animated elements to help convey the idea of motion.  Thus, camera angles were also crucial in creating visually exciting shots that exude class & style in portraying both the car & the band members.  Using 3 colors also aided in helping to differentiate each musical instrument & their allocated ‘car-part’ sequence.  There isn’t a story built in, but we aimed for a crescendo & build up towards the end, with a kind of dip in the middle ala an ‘ominous jaws-like feel’ when it comes to the safety feature, so the music isn’t just again, normal from a slow start to a big finish.  What ended up the most challenging really, was fine tuning the music to a desired piece & that went on till the very end stages of post-production.  Thankfully, we had enough footage of the musicians to cheat certain hand positions, etc, to sync with our final music.  The end result, is something maybe ‘Awards-worthy’? :D. It has since garnered some buzz locally, so let’s see where it leads… Shot by Eric Yeong, with 2nd unit by Wai, using the Mavo 8k, anamorphic lenses & the periprobe lens for some scenes.  1st Ad was Jeremy, Color Graded by Beh, edited by Ng & Onlined by Xian Gen.  Music by Kit, Vine Studio.