SHELL BOBA ‘Manifesto’

I felt somewhat honored to be picked to shoot Shell’s so-called comeback into the realm of advertising.  After a long hiatus, they wanted to come back with a bang & were willing to break from their norm; they wanted a more daring & different way of presenting their ideas.  Hence, Shell tasked the agency Geometry Global & production house Pegasus Film to carry out their vision.  With a few ideas of our own, we set out to create different scenes where we could showcase the supers, but we always wanted it in-situ.  It’s meant to look & feel real, against real-life settings that we see, hold, touch, drive by, every day.  Shooting this was fun, hot, & challenging at times, but with tremendous help from DBKL & the Traffic Police in controlling the traffic at various parts of our locations – mainly major highways & the always busy Bukit Bintang cross junction – we pulled through with flying colors.  The weather was perfect throughout the day, except for the slight drizzle in the morning.  This spot was edited by Ng, with full Post-production by Meccanica EFX. They had their hands full compositing the supers into the shots & making it feel seamless & real.Shot using the Canon C70, Canon R5, Mavic Zoom Drone & Insta360 OneR with Nick Lee as DP.