HOMESOY ‘The Taste of Enjoyment’

My love for creating appetizing visuals cannot be more evident than in this ad  as we worked with such budgetary constraints you would not believe.  I saw this challenge as a way of flexing my creative muscles & didn’t want to shoot just another generic (soy) milk ad but to make it look like a big feel commercial.  Working with Agency Seed Integrated under Trapper Media, there was a simple straightforward stealomatic that was sold to clients; Ace Canning.  Of course, I don’t really do simple lol, so we took it up several notches & cut a more dynamic stealomatic that clients loved & we planned the shoot.  Of utmost importance was our DP, Nick Lee, super experienced with rigs & beauty lighting.  He worked tirelessly with the art department to ensure the manual rigs were up to par with references that I shared.  I’m super grateful to Optinovus Films (the Production House) for the support & for giving me the tools I needed to achieve the end results, albeit with a few shortcuts (i.e. the manual rigs lol).  Shot in a home in less than 12 hours using the Red V Raptor.  Offlined by myself & Nicki from Post Fellas. Freelance graded by  ….    . Touch ups & Onlined by Nicki in AE.