TOYOTA ‘Move Your World’

A local internal campaign meant to showcase some of the talents within the automotive giant & how what they do is able to ‘move’ the company forward.  From Agency Trapper working with Shootworksasia, we planned for a 3 day shoot with 10 skilled employees, in various locations, the main MV Office, a sales showroom, a workshop & the Shah Alam manufacturing facility.  Visually, it’s a pretty straightforward presentation, as we wanted to focus on the human side of things, minus the fancy camera moves, but how we differentiated the testimonial visuals were with using a white backdrop but with some meant-to-be-seen shooting equipment, lights, stands, etc.  It’s not meant to be polished for this part, but a bit more raw & authentic.    The thought behind this was if we were to shoot the testimonials in their respective offices, then it be more bland & merge with the cutaways. Shot with Eric Yeong as DP, using 2x Panasonic Eva cameras, with Shane Nunis as 1st AD.  Edited & Onlined by Eevon, overseen by Vikster under TentoSeven. Library Music provided by Kit.