MERCEDES-BENZ ‘Never Stop Improving – Nauraj’

After the success of the Mercedes-Benz CNY videos, Publicis EMIL once again engaged MU Productions & myself to help envision their Never Stop Improving campaign videos.  I jumped in fully prepared to give it my all.  The main challenge we faced was the time factor.  1 long day to complete 2 long videos.  Thankfully, we had multiple cameras which helped a little, as we ran 2 setups at a time.  The Nauraj video featured a different C-Class from the Soraya video, so the shots were tailored a little differently, but yet maintaining the class & attitude that is Mercedes.  Nauraj’s high jump scenes were physically draining on him, as we needed him to jump multiple times to capture as many different angles as possible.  But he soldiered on like a true athlete.  No complaints.  Just doing what he does best.  And once we were done at the outdoor jumping Stadium scenes, we moved on to the hardcore gym training scenes that we took license in recreating more moody & epic atmospheres.  It was real fun shooting all the intensity & focused expressions but super tiring as well.  In the end, clients loved the edits & truly, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. We shot with the Panasonica EVA 1 with DG as DOP, with additional camera angles using the Sony A7S Mark II with the DJI Ronin-S.  Color-grading & post-production was completed in-house at MU.