Diving straight into another fully 3x 3d immersive videos for Texas Chicken featuring their comeback flavor the Korean/Ramyeon Chicken.  This was another fun video working with the same great team, Agency Mullenlowe, Shootworksasia, Ng (freelance 3D supervisor & Editor) & Quadimension.  With only a short period to churn out the this first Stage video, we worked tirelessly to come up with the ideas & storyline, & created a beautiful Korean-inspired Boy Band comeback. We wanted the dance moves to replicate some of the more well-known bands like BTS, but chickens don’t have limbs & we didn’t want to animate our chickens to bend at odd angles.  Thus, we focused more on some creative & dynamic camera moves & certain dance gestures/accents that Korean artists sometimes perform, enhanced with the crowd cheering & musical number (from Superred).  The difference from this spot from the previous Tokyo Chicken is mainly the look, as this is a complete 3D rendition with almost photorealistic chickens.