The 2nd of 3 concepts from Agency Mullenlowe, & my 1st fully animated series – definitely the most quirky. Working with production Shootworksasia, Ng (freelance 3D supervisor & editor) & Quadimension – JS (animator), we initially wanted to shoot only the Chicken Drumsticks due to the lockdown, in our own home.  However, after much discussion, we decided that it would be more feasible if everything was created digitally, allowing us the freedom to move the drumsticks according to our animation.  Out of the 3, this was likely the most quirky of all & my favorite… without much of a storyline, but just a cat that plays with its food lol.  Halfway through the spot, I thought, why don’t we make the cat cool, ala the ‘Thug Life’ kinda way, with some hip-hop beats in there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the Thug Life soundtrack due to copyright reasons, but we found an alternative beat that certainly gives it that sleek & chill vibe.