KIMBALL ‘Kedai Mak’

From Agency Reprise & Shootworksasia, comes what could have been a very normal mundane ad.  However, we’ve made it stand out with the editing style & made cooking at home with Kimball as exciting as possible… as if you were cooking in a real gerai.  The whole tonality of spot starts off with a brighter home kitchen environment, but instantly transforms into a darker tone, with the focus purely on the cooking of the Pasta ala Mamak dish.  We had big flames, wok hei & fast picking up of bottles actions & camera rigs to enhance the visuals.  Our main mum was a real trooper, braving the heat as we had her actually handling the wok with live flames, enclosed with black cloth in the location house porch as we needed it to be dark.  During post-production we created some 3D protrusion of objects over the horizontal black bars to make the ad stand out even more.  So, we really went all out in pushing the boundaries of a B40 product to make it as visually interesting as possible.  DOP was Loh, using the Sony FS7 & Panasonic S1H cameras (with the Laowa Lens) with full post production by Meccanica EFX – with Fai as editor.