The 3rd idea for Ramyeon Chicken is a parody on the famous ‘Running Man’ game show, focusing on a pool of Ramyeon Sauce and showing a simplified how it’s made idea.  We wanted as similar props as possible, down to the blue catapult & even music of the show.  The action is further accentuated by graphic nervous lines and the impending launch of the drumstick into the air.  The reemergence of the drumstick now covered in the Ramyeon Sauce & spinning beautifully in slow-mo is more a nod to some food porn-ish shots, showcasing some appetizing & glossy sauce that climaxes in a burst of sesame seeds.  Getting the right amount of glossiness & the texture of the sauce was critical as we didn’t want it to look like blood.  And the spinning slow-mo shot was particularly challenging & time consuming to execute, because animating liquid is also a complex task.  But I’m pretty happy with the beautiful rendition of the sauce in the end.  This was made possible by Agency Mullenlowe, Shootworksasia, Ng & CGI by Quadimension.