MAMEE CHEF ‘Taste the Indulgence’

There are some jobs you just dive right in full of inspiration.  This was such a job from Agency FCB & production house Restless Productions (my 1st job with them).  I wanted to create beautiful yet uncommon shots for a local noodle ad & clients were more than willing to push the boundaries.  The main brief was, to stay away from the warmth & down-to-earth sensibilities of it’s no.1 competitor (Maggi), & to go completely opposite.  Hence, the colors are more vibrant & the foods shots are infused with a dynamic energy with some locked camera rigs & creative angles.  We added a bit of a story towards the end, by introducing our ‘chef’ who is a perfectionist in preparing a delicious meal.  With an edit that’s punchy from start to finish, this job is definitely something to remember.   We had 2 setups at all times, one was for the food porn shots – using the Freefly Wave camera (shooting not more than 490 frames to maintain the 4k quality with the Laowa Lens) & the rest of the talent & normal speed shots using the Sony FS7 + Panasonic S1H for top shots & rigging shots.  Our Chef & family were really great in their overall performance, convincing enough with all the slurping & enjoyment of the noodles.  Food stylist was Bob, with DOP Loh, Editor Ng, & full post production in Meccanica EFX.